These are testimonials from some of my satisfied clients. I enjoy a 100% Customer satisfaction rate and much of my business comes from recommendations and referrals.

Rebekah Wilson, Translator

“Annie was prompt, responsive, and quickly grasped what I was looking for in a website”

Rebekah Wilson, Translator

Gordon Lowe, Author

“When I asked Annie to set up an author website I only had a few days to the launch of my first book. She managed it all at high speed and I was delighted with the result – even then there was time for her to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and make helpful suggestions to a novice. Now I’m writing the third book updating the site has been easy, with answering technical questions on the way. You’re in good hands here, and do have a look anyway at the website to judge for yourself.”

Anne Stormont, Author

“I have now published three books. I've had a blog for years and it was originally supposed to act as my marketing website. But the blog took off in directions I hadn't predicted. While this was surprising, enjoyable and gratifying, the blog lost its focus as a place to alert readers, and more importantly prospective readers, to my books. I'd also become aware that although I have author pages on Facebook and use Twitter as well, these are not necessarily the first place readers go to find authors and their books.

So I decided a dedicated, professional website was needed and, as I write under two identities, one as an author of adult books and the other as an author of children's books, I needed two websites.

After a lot of research I found Annie here at digitalplot. The fact that she specialises in setting up sites for writers was a major factor in my decision to approach her. I also liked that her terms were straightforward and the costs were declared up front. Right from the start of working with Annie I knew I'd made a good decision - both in setting up the sites and in my choice of designer. She got what I wanted immediately and took my sometimes rather vague ideas and came up with two first-class sites. She kept me informed every step of the way, checked my thoughts and opinions as the sites developed and was patient with my non-tech stupidity.

I now have the websites I needed and wanted and I've no hesitation in recommending digitalplot to fellow authors. ”

Rosanna Ley, Author

“Annie Pennington at DigitalPlot was quick to respond to my initial requests whilst the service offered and pricing structure was open and clear. She listened to what I wanted and seemed to understand immediately what was required. We worked on the layout together and she gave advice where necessary. The process was swift and hassle-free! I am absolutely delighted with my new website and now have much more freedom to make changes myself as and when I need to. I can't thank Annie enough and have no hesitation in recommending DigitalPlot. I just wish I'd come across them years ago! ”

Rosanna Ley, Author

Miller Caldwell, Author

“So you have written your first book. That’s a great achievement and you deserve your book to be noticed. So you start by giving your family free copies and hope they might set the trail ablaze. But whether you are planning another book or just wishing to publicise your first book, you need publicity and that starts with having your own website.

I started with a catch-all site website which had poems, books, short stories, talks, and just about everything you could imagine to view or read. Then disaster struck. My web designer retired and I could not add my latest three books to my site. By that time, I was on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and compared to my committee members sites; mine looked like an Aladdin’s cave. It did not direct the viewer to books. There were too many distractions.

I was directed by The Society of Authors to DIGITAL PLOT where Anne Pennington, the director, and her team created a specific book orientated site for me. It now looks like a professional site and what’s more they have given me the tools to add books. It’s the best decision I have made and I just have to share it with any first time author or one who wants to upgrade their first website and see how the professionals get theirs done. They are cost effective and make sure you get them to add a site visitor counter. That will prove how Digital Plot works for you. See the site hits grow. Get in touch with Digital Plot and seek their friendly advice. You have made a friend in Ann and Ian. Digital Plot is a great friendly and knowledgeable team with a long list of distinguished clientele. Be part of them and welcome yourself into the web of your dreams. ”

Harry Freedman, Author

“Annie understood exactly what I wanted and created a crisp, attractive and well-functioning site speedily and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending her work.”

Harry Freedman

Sharon Tregenza, Children's Author

“I chose Annie and Ian at Digitalplot to create my new website and I’m so glad I did. They are super easy to work with and were instantly in touch with what I wanted. I write middle grade fiction and needed the website to look attractive to children and adults – a tough request. They achieved that middle ground perfectly. I also wanted to reflect my Cornish heritage and use my painting of Mousehole Harbour to do that. Annie picked out the main colours from the picture to give continuity to the design and content. She even set up an internal blog for me. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. Thank you, both.”

Sharon Tregenza

Sharon’s site was built in partnership with IY e-Solutions.

Kylie Chan, Author Dark Heavens

“With the release of a new book series, I needed a new web page, and Anne Pennington of Digitalplot was an excellent choice. Anne is thorough and professional, and worked closely with me to produce a site that had all the features I was looking for.

Anne’s attention to detail and skill as a web designer has given me a site that I’m proud to link to. It’s easy to use and update and a huge improvement over my old site. I’m happy to recommend Anne to anyone who’s looking to either develop a new site or update a site to the latest technology; not only is she skilled and careful in her web design to ensure that her client is completely satisfied, she is a delightful person and a pleasure to work with.”

Kylie Chan

Kylie’s site was built in partnership with IY e-Solutions.

Simon Louvish, Author & Film Maker

“This is a request to list my author's website, www.simonlouvish.com , among your authors' lists, as it has been up for some months now. The website was designed for me by Annie Pennington of Digital Plot (www.digitalplot.co.uk) , and she has done a terrific job on the site, which was previously much too complex and which has now been rendered clear and efficient. I would not hesitate in recommending her to your members – in fact I picked her out from the ad in The Author.”

Simon Louvish

Simon’s site was built in partnership with IY e-Solutions.

Joan Brady, Author

“Annie Pennington makes things easy. She’s attentive, reassuring, makes excellent suggestions, never pushes and yet creates a strong design with a forceful presentation of the work. In my case, she also helped me escape a really bad set of website people who had me trapped with outrageous charges and a site that wouldn’t even load properly. I’m deeply grateful to her. Any other writer who takes up her services will be deeply grateful too.”

Norman Solomon, Rabbi, Interfaith Consultant, Scholar, Author

“ Make your own site first, then go to Annie at digitalplot to get the job done properly. I did, and enjoyed a prompt, friendly, efficient service with excellent results”

Norman Solomon

Piers Paul Read, Author

“ For a quite a time I dithered about whether or not to have a website and it was only when I saw those designed for other authors by digitalplot that I went ahead. I am delighted with the end result and have only praise for Annie Pennington for her skill, good taste and patience in dealing with the many editorial twists and tweaks that I imposed upon her. I would encourage any author who wants to establish a presence on the internet to get hold of Annie.”

Piers Paul Read

Karen Wheeler, Author & Journalist

“ I’d like to recommend Annie at Digital Plot (who already has many recommendations on the SoA site). She has built me a lovely site and is very patient and easygoing, and loves working with authors.”

Karen Wheeler, Sweet Pea Publishing

Maren Feller, German Translations & Proofreading

“I’ve just had my website designed by Digitalplot and I am absolutely chuffed about it. After the initial brief Annie came up with some good looking layouts, and once I provided her with the contents she very quickly produced the whole website. The service was prompt and straight forward, and both my business email account and the website were up and running in no time. Annie has dealt with my feedback, amendments and questions in a very friendly, flexible and competent way and has created a truly individual website for my business. It was a pleasure working with her and I particularly enjoyed the excellent communication and her exceptional helpfulness. I can recommend Digitalplot without hesitation.”

Maren Feller, Ablewords

Edward Charles, Author

“Like many impecunious authors, I had struggled along, writing and fiddling with my own website for years. Then a new two-book contract gave me the impetus to do the job properly. I turned to the member pages of the Society of Authors website looking for advice and saw a strong following for Annie Pennington at Digitalplot. Two weeks later, and at very reasonable cost, I now have a new website which exceeds my expectations. Now I see why so many authors have followed this path. Annie is a pleasure to work with, has creative flair and gets results.

Strong recommendation.”

Sheila Jeffries, Author

“I've been getting a good reaction to the lovely website, lots of interest and enquiries, so thankyou. Its great that you don't use a template, it makes the website so much more creative and personal, and I particularly like the way you used my fan mail letters as a background.”
Sheila Jeffries, Author

Kerry Young, Author

“I found Digitalplot in the Society of Authors magazine. As a newly published author I had no idea what I was doing except I knew I needed to set up a website and probably a Facebook page. Anne Pennington was and is wonderful. She listened to me, paid attention, did her stuff, was flexible and responsive....and fast. The site was up within the week. And as far as me being a Facebook Luddite – it’s been a massive learning curve, but what a terrific experience with Anne holding my hand and managing me through every step. It feels less like employing a website designer and more like making a friend – who has the expertise and enthusiasm to get the job done. Anne also took the time to read my book and post a great review on Amazon so that was nice!”
Kerry Young, Author

John Pepper, Author and Cartoonist

Designer Annie Pennington has a lot of experience of working collaboratively with authors in the creation of bespoke websites very different in quality from tame template efforts. She is, above all, wonderfully understanding of and patient with the finicky creatures we authors invariably are.

I think I gave her a helluva hard time re-writing and re-designing as I danced round options in my head and there was nary a complaint. And, end of the day, I got just the product I'd dreamed up. Beautifully simple, elegant, bags of space, heaps of illustration - it is, I reckon, a gem. Take a peep: www.authorjohnpepper.com. I think you'd find it difficult to come up with a more arresting site (aside from those all perpetual motion with theatrical effects and dancing bears).

Further, A.P's partner and sidekick, Simon Wray, a former BT IT whizz, able to introduce one to the wonders of Bloggerdom. Initially the whole blogging thing terrified me. But I soon got the hang of it under, again, the PATIENT tutelage of Wray. He talked me through the blogging arts in two phone sessions. He checked up, quickly, on a display concern that had arisen, in a third. Both he and Annie, I know, won't turn one away in the future if one's saddled with any serious problems with the site. They seem genuinely proud of their efforts. A pride well deserved.

John Pepper, Author and Cartoonist

Barry Kirwan, Author

I’m a member of SoA and I recently decided to get a website developed, and came across DigitalPlot via the SoA website and associated advertising material for services. My website is now up and running and I'd just like to say I'm very happy with it and the service provided by Annie and Simon.

You can see the website at www.barrykirwan.com and it can go on the list of websites they have built. It's Science Fiction, so a bit different from the rest.

So, thanks to SoA for pointing me in their direction.

Barry Kirwan

Valerie Mendes, Author

I have found Anne Pennington to be a quite extraordinary person. She travelled to Oxford to take my brief (I was in a bit of a hurry) and worked with me fast and brilliantly.

She is experienced, creative and original. I hope to find her many more clients as I mine the rich path of publishing's tapestry, and I should very much like you to include my name on her list.

Valerie Mendes

Derek Wilson, Author

Annie has produced for a technically incompetent author an excellent new website. I enjoyed working with her and seeing my vague ideas take vibrant and attractive form.

Derek Wilson, Author and Storyteller

John Pilkington, Author

I'm very pleased I chose Digitalplot, as I am with the website Anne Pennington has designed. She provides a highly professional, inventive, bespoke service at a far lower cost than others I've seen. I'm happy to recommend her.

John Pilkington, Author

Emily Barr, Author

This is absolutely lovely — thank you so much! I love the colours and the whole look of it. I hadn’t clearly visualised the way I wanted it to look, but now that I see this, this is how I wanted it to be. I’ve finally managed to get myself online. Thank you to the fabulous Annie Pennington for getting this done for me, and for her many gentle prods about the fact that the site could not appear unless I provided some words for it.

Emily Barr

Clare Jay, Author

I had a startlingly clear image of how I wanted my site to look and I was amazed by the ease with which Annie managed to translate my wishes into something even more beautiful than what I’d seen in my imagination. The sea, individually themed pages, blues and purples, novel extracts and reviews – it’s all there. Simon set up a content management system that even I can operate with ease.

Creating a website with the benefit of Digitalplot’s expertise and friendly professionalism is a rewarding experience and I’d recommend them to anyone. My site is now not only smoothly functional, but stunning – I’m thrilled!

Clare Jay

Susan Purcell

“Annie at Digitalplot certainly goes the extra mile; she made lots of helpful suggestions, accommodated all my pernickety requests and has designed a brilliant website, which always attracts lots of compliments. Simon is very helpful on the technical side, too. I chose Annie because she always responds very quickly to emails and phone calls, she stated a price up-front, she listens to me and she’s efficient but also extremely approachable and down-to-earth.

“Anne Pennington and digitalplot come up trumps every time!”

Susan Purcell, Linguist

Erica Munro, Author

“If you are anything like me and have avoided setting up your own website because you are afraid to ‘fess up to strangers just how ignorant you are about the process, then Annie at Digitalplot is for you. The entire process has been professional, fun and efficient, and I am now the proud owner of a beautifully-designed website that I can actually work. I chose Digitalplot for two reasons: firstly, I liked the pleasing clarity of her previous designs and secondly, Annie responded to my initial enquiry very promptly. She then remained efficient and good-humoured throughout the process.”

Erica Muno

Margaret Vermette, Author

“ Annie Pennington of Digital Plot has designed the website of my dreams for my book The Musical World of Boublil and Schönberg. It's so visual and eye-catching, very affordable and Annie is a pleasure to work with. See for yourself at: www.musicalworld-boublil-schonberg.com.”

Dione Venables, Author

The Society of Authors produce a journal called The Author and it was there that I found Annie and Digitalplot. It has been, and is continuing to be, the best of discoveries because Annie, together with Adam Dyson, is gradually updating a ‘tired’ website and giving it her own special sparkle. Annie is a most unusual person in that she is extremely talented, quick to understand and interpret my often garbled suggestions – and best of all, she is eternally patient with someone who does not understand much about computer-speak!  May I recommend her, and Adam, most warmly to anyone who is searching for excellence and speed.”

Dione Venables

Roberta Dewa, Author

“Like Malcolm Rose, I found digitalplot from the Society of Authors’ list, but it was the look of the site: clear, professional, with good clean design - which made me contact Annie. After that, it was a pleasure working with her to solve all my website issues; her friendliness and lack of condescension was so refreshing after many of the disinterested people I had previously spoken to in IT.

“Oh — and I should say — the end result was simply splendid!”

Roberta Dewa

Patrick Curry, Author & Lecturer

“Anne”s design for my website is superb — it has drawn a steady stream of compliments — and she is both efficient and easy to work with. Having taken the plunge after hesitating for years, I feel very lucky to have found her and highly recommend her services to anyone (including but not only other authors). Thank you Anne!”

Patrick Curry

Joseph Connolly, Author

“I have been dreading getting a website set up for years — if I had known how pleasant and effortless Annie Pennington would make the whole process, I would not have delayed. I am a niggling perfectionist, but not once did Annie’s patience or politeness falter. She was full of new and creative ideas, and nothing was too much trouble. I have a feeling she takes as much pride in the finished result as I do myself. For quality and value, I unreservedly recommend Digitalplot. Check out how good it is at www.josephconnolly.co.uk.”

Joseph Connolly

Trevor Homer, Author

“Great service from digitalplot. Creative, quick and competitive — what more can you ask for? Thanks for a super website.”

Trevor Homer (author – The Book of Origins)

Christopher Wilson, Royal Biographer

“Once again my grateful thanks for your swift, deft, and dedicated work which resulted in a website I would be happy to commend to other authors. And will!”

Christopher Wilson

Clive Couldwell, Author & Journalist

“A great source of help! Enlisting Anne’s services to redesign my web site and install a shopping cart at www.clivecouldwell.com helped me anticipate what buyers would want. I found Annie and Adam really easy to work with. They left no stone unturned.”

Clive Couldwell

Malcolm Rose, Author

“As a Society of Authors member, I used the website recommendations of other members to find myself a new designer. I asked for a few quotes and settled on Annie Pennington as mentioned by Maureen Duffy:

“Annie has now completed her work on my website (www.malcolmrose.co.uk) and it is attracting very favourable comment. I can certainly add my recommendation to Maureen’s. Annie was very pleasant to work with and completed the design with remarkable speed.”

Malcolm Rose

Maureen Duffy, Author

“I couldn't have done it without her... Anne Pennington’s expertise or any other form you like.”

Maureen Duffy (www.maureenduffy.co.uk) recommends Annie Pennington www.digitalplot.co.uk. Call Annie on 07921 142084 or email: annie@digitalplot.co.uk. Complete service including domain name, design and hosting.”

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