When your readers search for you online, what will they find?

In this day and age it’s vital for authors to have an online presence. A website is often the first place your readers will go to find out more about you… and first impressions count. So, what does your site say about you?

As an author, you’ve invested a lot of time and effort creating vivid characters, intricate plots and gorgeous prose. Wouldn’t it be a shame if, when your readers look you up online, they discover a boring, confusing site that doesn’t reflect you or your work at all?

You need a website that captures and communicates the essence of your work and reinforces your credibility as an author. Not to mention the fact that a good website should be publicising your work on a global scale, right around the clock… even when you’re asleep!

Here at websites4authors, we’ll build you a website that:

  • Spreads the word about you and your work;
  • Enhances your reputation as an author;
  • Complements the tone and style of your books;
  • Can increase your book sales;
  • Builds and maintains your fanbase;
  • Highlights your future releases;
  • Allows you to blog and attract feedback from readers;
  • Boosts attendance at your book signings and other events;
  • Generates extra revenue, such as school visits and personal appearances.

Make a start on your website today!

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